Beijing Language and Culture University, founded in 1962, is the only international university dedicated to promoting Chinese language and culture worldwide. In the area of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL), BCLU has the longest history, the largest size, strongest faculty, and a prestigious global academic reputation that will enhance your career.

The International Chinese Teacher Training Program(ICTP)of Beijing Language and Culture University is 100% online . All the courses are produced and taught by famous professors of Beijing Language and Culture University. Students who have completed all the courses will be awarded the internationally recognized ICTP Certificate issued by Beijing Language and Culture University (Training Certificate of Online International Chinese Teacher Program).

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL)

ICTP Learning Mode

There are 2 courses each month on the course carousel.

The 10 courses are designed independently in no particular order, so you

can start with whichever course you want to take.

2022Course Start Date
Course Start Date ICTP Package A ICTP Package B
2022-09-05 Chinese Characters and Their Teaching Methodology Classroom Organization and Management
2022-10-10 Chinese Vocabulary and Its Teaching Methodology Chinese Culture and Intercultural Communication
2022-11-07 Chinese Grammar and Its Teaching Methodology Modern Educational Technologies and Application of Digital Resources
2022-12-05 Introduction to TCFL Teaching Chinese Language Skills

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Online International Chinese Teacher Training Program (ICTP)

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Our Scope

BLCU has trained over 220,000 foreign students, representing 184 regions, who are now proficient in Chinese language and culture. With cooperative relationships in over 386 universities and educational institutions in 75 countries, BLCU is often called the "Little United Nations".

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality Chinese language courses and teacher training courses via classical methodology and modern education technologies for both native and native speakers and help them to gain a new perspective of seeing themselves and the world.

Your Opportunity

If you would like to seize one of the most important academic opportunities of our generation - teaching Chinese language and culture in your country - earn your certificate in the Online International Chinese Teacher Training Program.